Main Programs

Jewish Leadership Program

The Jewish Leadership Program lasts throughout the year during which students undergo lectures on Jewish identity.

Seniors Program

Students who have proven exceptional leadership skills, charisma and interpersonal abilities during the course and the delegations will continue onto the graduate course.


Proceeding a year-long training, the students will be sent as delegates to Jewish communities around the world.


Throughout the year, students take part of two weekend-long seminars.

About Us

"Generations" was founded by Rabbi Avraham Yitzhak HaCohen Kook, the son of first Chief Rabbi of Israel. In order to find Israeli ambassadors within the . The lecturers and instructors of Generations provide the students with Jewish values, strengthening the Jewish identity, Zionism, the connection between Judaism and Israel and through the program the students gets professional tools for advocacy. 


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So what is it we actually do?

Recruit students in Israel and abroad
Carry out activities in different countries
Shabbats in Israel and abroad
Gather with Jewish communities abroad

Generations of students preserves the Jewish Identity